Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sucky Day

Today started out like every other Saturday that I have to work, with me in a less than chipper mood.

So I got ready did my hair super cute, even put on one of my favorite shirts attempting to put myself in a better mood. Before I left my house I took Max out for his morning walk. As soon as a stepped outside I saw the greyish winter looking sky and could smell the snow in the air. Awsome.

I had to be there at 11am so I left my house at 10 to give myself,
a. enough time to get there.
b.enough time to stop and get gas.
c. enough time to stop and get a nice vanilla chai. (attempt #3 at a better mood)

Anywho, I got in my car and put in MxPx's new Christmas Album. (attempt #4 at a better mood). So I took my usual route to work. Took me about 15 mintues to get to RT. 17. Well that's where things got worse...The entrance ramp was closed. Not only that but there was no other way I could go because they had the other side of the road I came from closed. I had to go straight (and completley out of my way) and so did everyone else. Ugh. I sat through the traffic singing along to songs and playing on my iphone trying to not drive myself crazy (attempt #5). That's until I realized I had no gas left. I tried to escape the traffic...who knew there were so many dead ends on one road. It took me, no joke, 45 mintues to get from the closed entrance ramp to practically my house again. Finally I was able to get gas. (It was 11am now and I was late for work, and I HATE being late and I HATE people that are late.) I pulled into the gas station and lucklily enough for me there is a Dunkin Donuts in at this gas station. So as they were filling me up I ran in real quick to Dukin Donuts. Opps.. quick... did I say quick? Haha. Yeah right. Did you know that it takes exactly 5 mintues to put cream cheese on a bagel? And another 5 mintues to make a Vanilla Chai?? UGHH!

Ok so I finally get back to my car and head of to work. Once I get there I had to drive around in circles for a parking spot. I got so fed up with waiting I ended up parking in a spot about 983892 miles from the mall.

After being at work for maybe and hour I get 2 wonderful news flashes.

1. It's snowing.
2. Someone from Twilight is coming to the mall.

Cool. I expected the mall to get crazy busy because of this Twilight guy, but it didn't because the snow was getting worse. Cooler!

Well I ended up leaving work at 5 instead of 8 because I knew it would take me forever to get home. Then I had to walk to my car which was 983892 miles from the mall in the slushy snow and ruined my Uggs.

I was right I didn't get home until 6:45. I put the day's drama to rest and started decorating for christmas.

I tested all my lights and everything worked! I put the tree up and put the lights on. I had 2 sets on and only 1 to go. I plugged the third set into the ones that were already on the tree and it somehow blew out the rest of the lights.

So now my tree is sitting in my living room with lights that don't work, I'm sitting on the couch with a nice stiff drink.

Monday, September 7, 2009

labor day.

I don't really like all theses summer holidays too much. memorial day, 4th of july, labor day. Maybe it's because i'm always stuck at work.

I get upset that on these holidays all you see on tv and hear on the radio is people talking about being off from work, relaxing. For that matter you hear these things every Friday too. "It's almost the've made it!". It really get me! People don't realize that they have off from work and they get to relax but that's not the case with everyone. I think the public needs to be more sympathetic to the people working so that everyone else can enjoy the holiday. I've only gotten to enjoy one of these holidays this year, and it's not right.

What do people do on the weekends...or these holidays I stated above? Go shopping.
Who works at these stores on the holidays/weekends, me and millions of other people.

I think that if everyone isn't off from work it's not a holiday.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

day off.

You tend to take advantage of the simple things in life. Subconsciously those simple things play a big part in your sanity. You might not realize it but without some of the simple everyday or weekly things you do your life gets thrown off track. For instance, on my day off I don't normally relax, most of the time I spend that day catching up on things I haven't been able to do during my work days. Such as laundry, food shopping..etc. But I enjoy being able to do those things.

These past few weeks at work have been crazy. I feel like I haven't been able to do anything for myself. Today is my 11Th day in a row working, and I can't explain how happy I am to have tomorrow off. Just get back on my regular routine.

Walk my dog, bake cupcakes, manicure and pedicure. I'm excited to do the normal things that I take advantage of.

Laundry, cleaning my house, food shopping....i'm even excited to do the things I normally do not look forward to doing.