Thursday, July 7, 2011

baton rouge

I was born and still live in New Jersey but somehow I feel like I was supposed to be a southern bell.

My Boyfriend Tim is from Louisiana. I've been there only a handful of times but somehow I know its where I'm supposed to be. Every time I've been there I've enjoyed my time there so much that my heart literally aches when I have to leave. As pathetic as it sounds I cry like a baby when we leave.

There's something about the dew on the leaves in the morning. There's something about the smell in the air during the late afternoon. There's just something about the people, the family that I have there. I love every single little thing in that great state. The first time I was there I knew it and the last time I was there I knew it again. It's my home. I look forward to going there to see my family... to smell that air, to see the flat crisp land that I love so much. When we fly down I get goosebumps in the plane when they tell us we've arrived.

I die for the food, the atmosphere. I love the fall there the most. The smell of Football is in the air. Comfort food and cold beer surrounded by great friends and family is a must every weekend...every day.

I love everything about the time I spend there. I cherish every day I've spend there. I love waking up early...smelling fresh baked Blueberry Muffins made by my favorite Future Mother in Law. I can't get enough of the lazy days I spend just relaxing. I love heading over to my Future Sister in Law's house eating delicious food made by my Future Brother in Law and just relaxing by the couch watching football. I dream of trips with them to New Orleans. Nothing else compares. I love them. I love them all.

I'll always remember the first time I met all of them. I met My Future Father in Law first. And I loved him. I was so nervous. But they all made me feel like I was welcome and part of the family/ friend circle. I didn't feel like I was a new girl in Tim's life. I felt like I was welcome and that I knew them forever. That is something I never experienced in New Jersey. And I forever thank them for that.

I can't begin to try and explain the way I feel when I think about Louisiana. I love absolutley everything about it. Is it cheesey that I daydream about how my life would be if I lived there? Maybe. But this is how I am.

One thing I learned the first time I went there is what life is all about....

It's not about how much money you have or how big your house is. It's not about how high of a college degree you have. It's about enjoying your life and making the most of what GOD has given you. It's about being greatful and never taking for granted the blessings you have. WHO CARES if you shop at Walmart instead of Bloomingdales or Nordstroms. Honestly WHO CARES!?

After being together 7 years it still boggles my mind how such a amazing man would leave such a wonderful place to be with me. I will never belive it. I pinch myself nearly every day. After this crazy whilwind of a relationship Tim and I have been thru I still can't belive that this is my life. It is truly a fairy tale

I might be a dork but every night before I go to bed I pray that someday our life will lead us back to Baton Rouge... and that our kids will be able to be from such a wonderful place.

I would love nothing more than letting my future children spend an entire day with any of those amazing people. This is a shoutout to all of them. You know who you are. I love all of you unconditonally, thank you for always making me feel welcome and loved. I would do anything to be there making memories with you all right now. Please know you guys are the best. I can't wait to someday actually be able to call you my family. I am so lucky. God is great!

People always say "home is where the heart is" roots might lead me back to New Jersey, I might rock a poof and go "down the shore" instead of going to the beach...but i'm a S o u t h e r n G i r l at heart.

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